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20 Good Essay Topics For High School Students

Writing a great assignment begins with coming up with a few good essay topics for high school. Many teachers provide students with prompts from which to choose, but those same teachers often encourage students to develop their own ideas to write about. Coming up with a good idea can still be challenging, however, so we’ve come up with this list of 20 topics for essay writing you might want to consider:

  1. In what ways has communication changed in the last quarter-century? Have these changes been largely positive, negative, or neutral for the people affected?
  2. What makes a celebrity in today’s world? Does acquiring fame and fortune change an individual’s life and can someone have these without being a celebrity?
  3. What do major sports teams mean to your community? What impact would a team move to another city have on your local community?
  4. How does creating doubt into people’s minds regarding the news that is or isn’t reported in the media affect the way people come to trust political leaders?
  5. Is it possible to effectively learn a foreign language and be fluent in it without hearing native speakers? Is learning a foreign more difficult without native audible examples?
  6. Do you think high schools should offer better incentives for students who consistently earn high grades in the majority of subjects? What makes a good incentive?
  7. Should the student body have a bigger say in how schools spend their money, particularly in the areas of infrastructure, classroom resources, and social activities?
  8. Should the 6 paragraph essay format, which is much closer to the format commonly used in colleges, be introduced earlier in the high school curricula?
  9. How do you think popular fads gain traction among teenagers more quickly than they do young adults? Do you think the limited budgets of teenagers have some effect?
  10. In what ways do community events (e.g., parades, concerts, social gatherings, etc.) help bring people together who otherwise would not have interacted?
  11. Should the elderly be allowed to renew their drivers’ licenses without having to retake a written or road test? Do they put others in harm’s way?
  12. Is the U.S. Electoral College system for electing its presidents outdated? What purpose did it serve and why is that purpose no longer relevant?
  13. Do you think people should have the right to protect their homes and families from intruders at all costs? What about the use of excessive and possibly deadly force?
  14. How can people come together for peaceful protest when there is so much negative attention cast upon anyone with oppositional voice?
  15. What are some of the largest reasons why people tend to avoid family reunions? Do you think it’s an outdated tradition?
  16. If you were to write a letter requesting a local government official to take action on an important issue, what would that issue be?
  17. Why are we so disappointed when we are not able to purchase unnecessary luxuries? Should people focus more on experience rather than possessions?
  18. Do you think Hollywood films are doing justice to literary classics adapted into film? Is there too much of an emphasis in casting revenue generating actors and actresses?
  19. Should sports marketing professionals earn more money in light of the massive television revenue that owners make?
  20. Should sports athletes be neutral when it comes to important political and social issues? What positive or negative effects do they have by speaking their mind?