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Writing a Compare and Contrast Essay

The essay evaluates the relationship between two focuses in terms of their differences and similarities. Both centers are usually in a similar category. They have their similarities, and at the same time, some differences. There are many things that one can compare as well as contrast. Such as books, pets, and similar historic periods among others. Writing a comprehensible article about two subjects may look hard and almost impossible, but, here are some eight guidelines on how to go about it.

  • Select Your Topic

It is vital to select two topics that are within the same range but are different for a comprehensive paper. For instance, while choosing two performers, it is wise to pair up two great performers instead of pairing a politician and performer.


  1. Introverts and Extroverts
  2. Meat eaters and vegetarians
  3. Voluntarism and Fatalist
  4. Catholicism and Orthodox
  5. Totalities and Democracy
  6. Generation Z and Generation Y
  • Brainstorm on the Differences and Similarities

Creating a list of comparisons and another list of variances gives you a better outlook of your work and keeps your work organized. For people who prefer visual aids, using the Venn diagram is a good idea. The Venn diagram is an illustration of the relationship between two or more sets of data, usually represented in overlapping circles. Each circle represents one data set, while the overlapping section represents their similarities. The other option is writing a list of things about one subject on a paper and doing the same with the other point keeping their features a bit parallel for a comprehensive argument.

  • Perfect your Core Argument

To have a meaningful paper, the list of differences and similarities must show some significance by bringing out relevance to the main topic. What the record says about the subject is automatically your core argument. 

  • Choose a good Organizational Structure

The essay has different arrangements depending on the writer’s liking. The first one is writing about one topic in two or so paragraphs then switching to the next topic. The second one is having a point form structure all through the essay. The third is starting with the comparisons and then the variances in different paragraphs. The arrangement is dependent on the subject at hand.

  • Jot Down a Plan

Having a plan makes writing easier for the compare-contrast essay. Having four paragraphs for the body instead of the usual three evens out the article.

  • Include some Supporting Evidence

It is vital to have evidence that backs up your work. The evidence is anything from personal experience, research, or reading. In the case of novels, poetry, or other written works, adding a quote from the author is good evidence. The evidence must relate to the core argument.

  • Use Robust Transitional Words to Structure your Essay

It is very essential to have a seamless flow of words in your article. When stating similarities, words like likewise, similarly, and both are fitting. For differences, words like whereas and nonetheless, among others are suitable.

  • Revise and Proofread Your Work

Go through your work, making any possible corrections. You can ask friends to proofread it for you or even use editing tools to help you make the corrections. If you are planning to use writing and proofreading services, firstly check out EssayShark review to avoid poor quality services.


A compare-contrast essay is a bit complex, but with the guidelines above, having a well-structured, comprehensive, and exciting paper is easy. It shows how articulate a student is and their research skill.