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Simple Tips On How To Write A Conclusion For An Essay

You probably already know that it is extremely important to have a strong conclusion to close your argument and end your essay. It’s your last chance to make a good impression on the reader, and therefore should be well-written and accomplish all three of following goals: 1) it should remind the reader of your main argument or thesis statement; 2) it should summarize and synthesize the major points discussed in the body paragraphs; and 3) it should leave a lasting impression on the reader. Here are some simple tips on how to write a conclusion for an essay on any topic:

  • Tip #1) Establish a Sense of Closure
  • Just like you gradually focus in on your topic in the introduction, you should widen the focus and bring the reader back to reality. This effectively provides a sense of closure. Try using a closing sentence with only single-syllable words or use a compound sentence with parallel structure – both are highly effective techniques.

  • Tip #2) Consider a Call to Action
  • Another highly effective conclusion for essay is to include a call to action, because it asks the reader to think about your essay for some time after having read it. Of course, this should be related to your topic and be a call that your reader can do without too much trouble. The more engaging and doable your call to action is the better.

  • Tip #3) Write an Original Summary
  • When writing a summary many students will make the mistake of cutting and pasting material directly from the body paragraphs. This is an example of poor or lazy writing and is certain to cost you points on your assignment. Write original statements by using different words in your summary than those used in the main part of the essay.

  • Tip #4) Never Introduce Material
  • These tips on how to write an essay conclusion are sure to get you to the next level. But if you’re in need of more assistance from the pros, you can find more information on this website. There you will find excellent resources and a range of writing services perfect for any budget.