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Ways of Addressing Popular Essay Subjects for College Application

College is a vital institution and stage for most high school students. Immediately students graduate high school, they often have college as their next step in their life’s ladder. It is, however, a different story writing application letters to colleges of interest. Almost all require specific documents for any admission consideration. As such, most students get stressed when applying because of a lack of know-how on aspects such as essays. To get rid of stress and come up with an excellent essay, visit IBuyEssay online service.

Almost every applicant for a college admission spot has fine grades just as you possess, and therefore, setting yourself apart from the rest all comes down to how effective you write your college application essay. You must show the college admissions board that you have something more than just the grades. So what prompts must you prepare for when writing the application essay?

Common Application Essay Prompts

  • Share a personal story

It is an important prompt when it comes to your college application essay writing. You can reflect on a personality facet, hobby, or an experience that genuinely means a lot to you. It always proves an excellent idea to connect with the admission officers through such a personal story. You can also consider sharing your love for baking chops, superheroes, family history, etc. but also ensure that you tie it to your personal beliefs or personality. Avoid restating some of the accomplishments contained in your resume and instead, pick something else unique that will prove new to the college board.

  • Learning from specific obstacles

Try and write about overcoming a particular obstacle in your life to present the best version of yourself to the college board. In as much as showing yourself to have struggled can prove counterintuitive, overcoming such a struggle proves grit, perseverance, and courage. Despite the magnitude of the obstacle encountered, illustrating the change in your perspective as a result can work miracles.

  • Challenging a particular belief

You can share an experience that transformed your preconceived perception about something or instances where you stood for a cause or someone. However, you can only pick on this prompt when you have something relevant to recount.

  • Finding a solution to the problem

You can present a quandary or situation and follow it up with the steps you pursued in finding a solution. Most admission officers can revel in getting an insight into what an applicant has gone through or faces. So it becomes crucial for you to explain the dilemma besides the methods used in tackling the problem. You should also not forget to elaborate on the significance of such a problem to you.

  • Personal growth

You can describe an accomplishment or event that shaped your character besides showing the lessons learned and how it changed you.

  • What fascinates you the most

The prompt invites a student to detail something they care about and this can impress the admissions board by portraying you as curious and thoughtful. 

  • Subject of your choosing

The prompt may apply best in a scenario where you get some inspiration from a question gotten from a different college’s application. Illustrate that the kind of an individual you embody goes beyond test scores and grades. You can also ask the question of why and how you can get guided in writing the college application essay.


Addressing such prompts in your application essay writing process for the admission’s board can effectively secure your college admission.