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Finding A Professional Willing To Write My Essay Online

Years ago, I had a particularly difficult time starting a written assignment that was given to me right about the same time as I had to start studying for mid-terms. These combined with my other responsibilities, like juggling two jobs, put me in a state of panic, and I was quickly forced to find someone who could help me write my essay. Fortunately, a had a few friends that recommended I try hiring a professional writing service who could take the assignment off my hands and deliver a completed document at a reason price. This last part was extremely important because I was on a tight budget and certainly needed someone who could write my essay cheap. I heeded their advice and began my search for the perfect service:

  • First, I Created a List of Suitable Candidates
  • A quick glance online and I soon noticed that there were thousands of companies to choose from. This wasn’t going to work for me, so I used high impact keywords to target just those companies that ranked the highest in search results according to my browser’s algorithms.

  • Second, I Sought the Help of Former Clients
  • I took the top 10 companies that appeared in my results and sought the help from former clients in the form of online reviews and client comments made on discussion forums. The process was simple but highly informative, and I was able to shorten my list by nearly half in less than an hour’s time.

  • Third, I Checked Writers’ Samples and Profiles
  • I wanted to ensure the person I chose to write my essay for me met specific criteria: 1) he or she needed to be a native English speaker; 2) he or she needed at least a master’s degree in the same field as my assignment; and 3) the writer needed to have several years of professional experience in this line of work. All of this was confirmed by reviewing each writer’s academic samples and profiles.

  • Finally, I Spoke to My Preferred Writer Directly
  • The last thing I wanted to do before submitting my order was speak to my selected writer directly. Although, I wasn’t able to reach him by telephone we did exchange several chat messages which made me feel very comfortable about my choice. We discussed drafts and deadlines and set up a reasonable schedule for updates and general communication. Having this option gave me peace of mind and the final product was much better than I ever hoped it could be.