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Writing a Cause and Effect Essay

Essays have a critical role in the learning process of a student in school. Among the various types of essays exist the Cause and Effect type. It is one type that a majority of students don’t always know how to write despite how easy it can prove to be. So how can a student go about it? 

The Cause and Effect type of essay often requires you to understand the paper’s purpose and to create an effective action plan for you to execute its writing.

Structure of a Cause and Effect Type of Essay

The structure of such an essay always requires you to outline the essay before embarking on the writing process. The outline in other words denotes the structure of the essay. A Cause and Effect type of an essay has two structures, a chain or a block structure. 

Block structure. It has the causes at the start of the essay and thereafter, the effects. Such a structure has an introduction with a catchy hook, the main body with causes first, then the effects later on. For instance, it can include the following.

Cause- Bullying can get explained by the desire of bullies to seek for attention. You can then have other subsequent causes before the transition.

Transition- Bullying comprises a worldwide issue with diverse long-term and short-term impacts on the society. 

Effect- Bullying may result in poor mental health. You can then have other subsequent effects. 

The structure then gives way into the body of the text, and finally the conclusion.

Chain structure. The structure implies that each cause must have an effect following immediately, and as a regulation, the effect then forms the subsequent cause. As such, it ends up forming a chain for the entire essay structure. The structure must have an introduction, the main body with the chain of cause and effect, and finally, the conclusion.

The block structure proves more suitable to short essays while the chain structure applies perfectly to long essay pieces. However, it’s the prerogative of a student to pick what applies to them. It can have a basis on the type of topic and length requirements. As such, an outline proves invaluable when it comes to organizing your writing process besides making the entire process simple.

Organizational Ways of Cause and Effect Articles

Multiple Causes and One Effect. It works best in instances where several reasons lead to one specific result.

One Cause and Multiple Effects. The organization pattern suits subjects that unearths how a cause can spark some chain reaction when it comes to the effects.

Domino Pattern. It’s an organizational pattern that suits scenarios where the events chain leads to further things. It proves very effective when creating a dynamic and engaging essay as it forms the best when talking about fast-paced patterns.

Writing a Cause and Effect piece entails five crucial steps:
The steps include the following. Getting familiar with the essay’s instructions; picking a suitable topic; brainstorming; defining relevant causes besides their effects; creating an outline; developing a suitable thesis statement; collecting all the supporting facts; writing your essay piece.


Students need to understand what type of essay they have to deal with before embarking on the writing process. A Cause and Effect piece of essay has a distinctive way of writing, and as such, requires proper knowledge on how to go about the piece. When you hire an online essay proofreader, you can get surprised by the excellent results that will follow.