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How To Write A Definition Essay About Masculinity And Femininity

The gender or sex identity that we possess whether we are male or female is the basic aspect and most important of our overall identity. The first thing that all human irrespective of gender wants to know is the sex of the new-born baby whether it is a boy or a girl. This is where we start giving important to gender system. Although the idea of differentiation in gender is not so much important as the society has created it. The idea what we have made from it is the roles as a person. A role performs by the child if he is male and completely different roles are dedicated in the case of the female child. A topic like this is always controversial and requires a proper definition so that the public can understand it clearly. A definition essay is a sure shot solution for defining such a topic.

  • Defining definition essay
  • How to write a definition essay? How exactly can it be defined? This kind of questions might be overflowing in your mind. So, here are the answers to all your queries. Definition essay represents a sort of writing where you present the complete meaning of the topic by giving a detailed description. Now, there is a simple and clear procedure while writing it. First and foremost you have to select the term that you want to define through your paper. Next, you have to search for sources and references like the encyclopaedia, dictionary etc. for getting the exact definition of the work. Then is the introductory part, you have to define the use of the term and why you made the choice of it? Finally, in the body, you describe the detailed information you collected from your research and conclude it in the conclusion part. This is the exact scenario followed in a definition essay.

  • Definition of masculinity and femininity
  • Masculinity and femininity refer basically to the physical, hormonal and behavioral characteristic difference between a male and a female. The definition that needs to refer in your context can be related to the synonym of sex which itself means the identity of being either a male or a female. Next, you can use this term for defining the social responsibilities and roles that are gender specific. If you need more details to role specific then look here.

    Many people take masculinity as blessing or state of sex, which is beyond the horizons which are not at all correct. Both the states are equally it is just the way that society takes it and give preference to male. The male chauvinism fact can be highlighted to a much greater extent here.

  • Topics about masculinity and femininity
  • For writing a definitive essay over most clear concepts seems to very challenging. What definition can be provided to it as it itself is complete and clear and no further clarity is required here? Finding and choosing the good definition essay topic on masculinity and femininity is important. The topics will definitely move around this simple straightforward definition only. Example for such topic can be gender representation, Bane to be born as a female, gender stereotypes etc. It is your knowledge that can help you to reflect and create a better topic. You can take the consequences of being a female. This is what I think can relate to masculinity and femininity and on which you can write a good content specified and clear.