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Vital things to know about a good argumentative essay

Argumentative essays can be such a bore to write. You don’t know where to start, you don’t know where to take it... it’s just a horror. Luckily, with these tips, you should be well on your way to writing the best ever piece of work.


You must always pick a topic that you are passionate about. How do you expect to write a good essay when you’re not even into it? You should pick a topic you already know a little bit about.

If you are passionate, you will come across as more convincing to the reader, which is ultimately your goal through this type of work. If you write about something you don’t care about, your readers are not going to feel your vibe and you might not get too far.

Do Your Research

You should always do your research before you start writing. If you don’t have supporting facts and evidence, how do you expect to convince your audience of your point? Research helps the audience know that you are knowledgeable about the topic and you are trustworthy. Some things to gather include:

  • Facts
  • Data

Investigate Both Sides

If you only mention your side of the argument and why you think it is best, you won’t really get anywhere – your audience will just think you’re being overly biased. If you investigate both sides of the argument, give good points and bad points about both but make sure you explain why your side is better, your argument will seem more balanced and overall more convincing.

Plan It

Always plan your work. This will help you grab a starting point and really get into the spirit of it. You should plan out how it is going to start, in what order you are going to investigate your points (make it work), and how you’re going to end it.

Make sure when you end it, you back up your original point that your side of the argument is the best side. You must state that although both sides have good points and bad points, yours is definitely the best.

With these tips, you should be a lot more confident in writing your argumentative essay and you should really be able to write the best thing you ever have – something really to be proud of. Don't worry if you don't manage to finish your writing on time, because you can always get help from professional writers.