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Creating A Gender Inequality Essay Introduction

Great students know that the impactful and effective written assignments begin with an engaging and interesting introduction. The opening paragraph should reveal the purpose of the paper and the writer’s main argument, both while trying to capture the audience’s undivided attention. There are several really good strategies out there, but when it comes to writing an intro specifically for a gender essay, this short article is the last resource you will ever need. Here’s everything you need to know:

  • Start with an Interesting Opening Sentence
  • An interesting opening sentence, or a hook as it is often called, serves to capture the reader’s attention right from the start, compelling him or her to move on with the reading. There are several introductory devices you can use, including a quote, an anecdote, a question, an interesting fact, or even a description. What you choose depends largely on the subject and tone of your gender equality essay.

    Try out a few different ideas to start, always keeping your reader in mind. You should ask a friend or classmate for some feedback, and you should never be afraid or hesitant to make a change if your hook isn’t causing the desired effect of captivating the reader’s attention.

  • Provide the Right Amount of Background Information
  • Next, provide any relevant background information the reader will need to understand the context in which your gender inequality essay is being written. If you are writing in response to a federal or state law that prohibits women’s rights then you can give three or four sentences describing the law’s creation. Or, if you are writing about a women’s rights activist then you can provide some background details about the person’s life. Just make sure you give enough of whatever is necessary without getting too deep into unimportant background info that detracts from the overall subject. Again, a good rule of thumb is to stick to about three or four sentences.

  • Start Broadly and Gradually Move Towards the Focused
  • One of the most effective strategies for creating a cohesive written assignment of any type is to use the introduction and conclusion as elements that transport the reader from the world into your subject and then back out again. It can take few tries before you completely get the hang of it, but when you finally have some mastery over this strategy, your papers will make for much more interesting reads.

    When giving your background information start from a broad view and gradually zoom in closer to your specific subject with each subsequent sentence, ending with a strong thesis statement that informs your reader of the exact argument you will be making.

  • Close the Introduction with a Strong Thesis Statement
  • Finally, be sure to end the introductory paragraph with a strong thesis statement. It’s recommended that your statement is clear and concise, using direct language and an uncomplicated sentence structure. It should point at your precise topic and state exactly what you will be arguing or making the case for. This is considered the most important part of a well-written paper so you absolutely need to give it your complete attention. In the course of your writing, you may find the need to adjust your thesis statement a bit; this is okay, as long as it transitions easily into the core of your paper.

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